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Handan shengjiahe roll manufacturing Co. Ltd (the former Handan Hengrui metallurgical material Co.ltd) is located in No.111, Jingwu road, the Provincial Industrial Zone in Southern Hebei province. The investment in the first stage is 50 million Yuan. It is an integrated high technology company consisting of research and development center, production division; quality control division etc., its main product is forged steel roll for various kinds of cold rolling mill. The annual production in the first stage is 3500 tons, in the second stage, it will reach 7000 tons. The products are sold to Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Tianjin, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hunan province etc. In cooperation with some rolling mill manufacturers, our rolls are exported to The USA, Germany, Russia, South-east Asia etc. The roll quality is superior and stable, accepted and appreciated by all customers. In 2013, our new company obtained the authentication of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System.

In recent years, we did some research in the new energy field and successfully developed high accuracy rolls for the battery production. Integrated in the production line, our rolls are used by many famous domestic and foreign companies like GE, BYD, Dalishen, Seven stars group etc.

The company has around 100 employees, 16 technical persons and 6 senior engineers. We have all the necessary equipments and facilities for manufacturing cold rolls, including machining equipments, heat treatment equipments and inspection facilities. The main equipments including: 1 set of imported Φ1250×5000 heavy duty lathe, 1 set of imported Φ1250×5000 heavy duty grinding machine, 1 set of imported Φ800×5000 CNC grinding machine, 1 set of imported Φ500×3000 grinding machine, 2 sets of computer controlled double frequency quenching machine and 1 set of high-frequency neck quenching machine, 1 set of roll deep-cooling facility with liquid nitrogen, many sets of heat treatment furnaces for different temperature and purpose which are automatically controlled by computer, and other lathes, milling machine, saw machine and drilling machine, totally around 50 sets. We can manufacture forged rolls with diameter up to 1250mm and length up to 5000mm.

In addition, we also have many sets of inspection facilities, including ultrasonic inspection facility, metallographic microscope, hardness testing machine, magnaflux testing machine etc.

The strategy of our company is to produce high-level, high-quality products, we follow all the advanced process and technology in the world, and established cooperation with some research institutes and universities, try to improve the level of our innovation, the product quality, process and competitiveness. Meantime, we focus on importing engineers and company management, our technical people are all from famous roll manufacturing companies or researching institutes, they have plenty of knowledge and outstanding experiences regarding roll producing. The people in managing level are all graduated from well-known universities and have above ten years of working experiences in big companies.

Based on advanced technology and good reputation, our company is trusted and appreciated by customers, we will supply our customers high quality products and perfect services.